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15KW-32KW R32 380V Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater For Domestic or Commercial

  • Energy class: A++
  • Heating+Cooling+DHW
  • Full DC inverter compressor and fan motor
  • -30℃ inverter EVI
  • R32 refrigerant, environmental friendly
  • Outlet water temperature up to 60℃

Solareast Heat Pump Ltd.'s R32 S thermal B series is compatible with radiator and other heat sources.

In addition, it provides hot water for the fan coil, floor heating system, and sanitary water tank.

With innovative heat pump technology from Solareast, environmental heat can be used very efficiently for heating and cooling.

The updated R32 S thermal B series is more reliable, compact, and environmentally responsible than ever.

Solareast all-in-one heating solution offering the highest heating efficiency with R32 refrigerant.

Solareast Meet All Your Need

Through heat exchange with external air, heat is generated by the outdoor unit and transferred to the domestic hot water tank.

Ultra quiet

High efficiency and more energy-saving

Solareast R32 S thermal B series’s ultra-low temperature full DC inverter frequency modulation can save more energy up to 59%,compared with other variable frequency units,Solareast Heat pump can realize free running with 1Hz stepless variable frequency.

Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

The R32 S thermal B series uses R32 refrigerant, which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than R410A. As a greener heating solution with R32 refrigerant, R32 S thermal B series is highly energy efficient.

Cold Climate Working down to -30℃

Providing reliable and powerful heating for indoor environments, the R32 S thermal B series contributes to healthy living environments with equipment capable of operating in extremely cold conditions, such as -30℃.Additionally, it can be provided at a maximum temperature of 60℃.


Renewable energy comes from natural sources that replace themselves more quickly than they are used up. One such source that is continuously refreshed is the air supply.

There are many different types of renewable energy available to us.

Air source is used by the Solareast heat pump to heat and cool, which is excellent for preserving the environment and reusing resources.

Power supplyV/Ph/Hz
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 30℃ / 35℃
HeatingCapacity (min-max)kW5.2 ~ 16.86.8 ~ 20.511.8 ~ 28.614.5 ~ 36.3
Rated input(min-max)kW1.0 ~ 5.11.5 ~ 5.92.9 ~ 6.23.8 ~ 7.6
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 50℃ / 55℃
HeatingCapacitykW5.3 ~ 16.86.9 ~ 20.811.8 ~ 28.814.7 ~ 36.6
Rated inputkW1.3 ~ 6.72.0 ~ 7.73.8 ~ 8.14.9 ~ 9.9
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 35℃ / 24℃, Inlet / Outlet water 12℃ / 7℃
CoolingCapacitykW3.6 ~ 11.54.2 ~ 16.85.2 ~ 19.56.2 ~24.5
Rated inputkW2.0 ~ 7.82.8 ~8.94.8 ~ 9.35.1 ~ 11.4
Energy class (SCOP)Outlet water temp. at 35CA++
Outlet water temp. at 55CA++
Charged volumekg3.
Noise levelHeatingdB(A)48485050
Water flow volume
Water piping connectionsmmDN25 MaleDN32 MaleDN32 MaleDN40 Male
Operating temperature rangeCoolingC16 - 48
HeatingC-30 - 48
DHWC-30 - 48


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