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6KW/8KW/12KW/18KW 220V/240V/380V R290 Heat Pump Water Heater Floor Heating And Cooling-4

·R290 refrigerant,low GWP(GWP=3)

·Energy class: A+++

·Stable operation at -25°C

·Outlet water temperature up to 75℃

·Power Detection Function

·SG-READY Function

·5-Inch TFT True Color Screen

·5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module

·Dual Temperature Zone

·Reserved RS485 Communication Port

·Linkage Control with PV Function


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R290 air-to-water heating and cooling system

· R290 Refrigerant 

Introducing Solareast's innovative three-in-one range of R290 air-to-water heat pumps that provide efficient heating, cooling, and domestic hot water solutions. With its low carbon emissions and remarkable efficiency, the industry highly acknowledges the R290 refrigerant as a game-changer in reducing carbon emissions and working towards global carbon neutrality. Solareast takes immense pride in taking the lead towards a sustainable future by offering this environmentally conscious solution.


· High Efficiency A+++ Energy Level

Solareast presents the Monoblock heat pump R290, a pinnacle of modern heat pump design and cutting-edge technology, with exceptional functionality and performance while meeting efficiency, stability, and noise regulations. This state-of-the-art unit utilizes top-notch R290 green refrigerant and inverter technology and is awarded an extraordinary A+++ energy label to function optimally up to 35℃ water outlet temperature. With unparalleled energy efficiency and superior energy rating, the heat pump is an excellent investment for a sustainable and cost-effective home.


·Full DC Inverter Technology  

Discover the powerful combination of environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant and inverter technology in Monoblock Heat Pump R290. Conquer extreme cold climates (-25℃) with ease while enjoying efficient heating, cooling, and hot water. Stay ahead with the intelligent defrosting feature!


·Noise control, No disturbances

Solareast seamlessly integrates cutting-edge noise reduction technologies into the design of Monoblock Heat Pump R290, creating whisper-quiet environments for customers. With advanced features like compressor stepless speed regulation and full DC technology, achieve precise 1Hz frequency control. Enjoy the enhanced durability and wind resistance provided by stiffer ABS blades.


· Aluminium Material

Monoblock Heat Pump R290 features an Aluminium shell that offers outstanding resistance against corrosion and weathering, ensuring a prolonged lifespan. Moreover, this range provides a customized service, empowering customers to design a tank appearance that perfectly aligns with their market preferences and demands.


·Power Consumption Module with 5''TFT Screen

Access daily electricity consumption data and long-term consumption trends effortlessly with the power consumption module. Understand the energy efficiency of our products in comparison to traditional boilers, leading to significant electricity savings and playing a vital role in ecological preservation. Navigate through the user-friendly interface on the 5" color screen for intuitive and accurate temperature changes.


· Efficient IoT Solution

Drive down labor costs with Solareast's IoT customer management platform, effectively improving dealer efficiency. Connect through WIFI or DUT for remote data monitoring, recording all operating parameters of units, and updating the management system of dealers and manufacturers. In the event of an error report, dealers can utilize this report to offer users optimal solutions based on their needs.


· Dual Temperature Zone

The air source heat pump's dual temperature zone enables you to customize your living room floor heating to 35°C and your room heater to a comfortable 55°C, creating a warm and inviting ambiance of your liking. Enjoy tailor-made comfort with our cutting-edge dual temperature zone function.


· Outlet Water Temperature Up To 75℃

Experience unrivaled performance with Solareast's monoblock heat pump R290, designed to achieve an outlet water temperature of up to 75℃. This exceptional high-temperature capability ensures a dependable and generous provision of hot water for your residence.


· Certificates


Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz220~240/1/50380~415V/3/50380~415V/3/50220~240/1/50380~415V/3/50
Nominal Heating (Max)      (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)Heating Capacity kW2.92 ~ 9.104.30 ~ 15.204.30 ~ 15.207.24 ~ 21.907.24 ~ 21.90
Power InputkW0.61 ~ 2.110.87 ~ 3.730.87 ~ 3.731.50 ~ 5.881.50 ~ 5.88
Current InputA2.80 ~ 9.254.02 ~ 16.381.78 ~ 6.046.86 ~ 30.252.82 ~ 9.16
COPW/W4.31 ~ 5.664.07 ~ 5.574.07 ~ 5.573.82 ~ 5.593.82 ~ 5.59
Nominal Heating (Max)    (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)Heating Capacity kW2.99 ~ 8.164.25 ~ 14.554.25 ~ 14.556.36 ~ 19.456.36 ~ 19.45
Power InputkW1.03 ~ 2.921.45 ~ 4.281.45 ~ 4.282.15 ~ 6.852.15 ~ 6.85
Current InputA4.57 ~ 12.796.71 ~ 18.802.84 ~ 6.789.84 ~ 30.129.84 ~ 30.12
COPW/W2.79 ~ 3.462.83 ~ 3.452.83 ~ 3.452.84 ~ 3.572.84 ~ 3.57
Nominal Heating (Max)    (A357/24℃,W12/7℃)Heating Capacity kW1.38 ~ 5.703.65 ~ 11.043.65 ~ 11.044.55 ~ 17.204.55 ~ 17.20
Power InputkW0.67 ~ 2.441.12~3.971.12 ~ 3.971.85 ~ 7.311.85 ~ 7.31
Current InputA3.06 ~ 10.275.18~17.441.97 ~ 6.308.47 ~ 32.12.99 ~ 11.26
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃)/
Rated Input PowerkW3.55.855.857.510.5
Rated Input Current A1525103517
Refrigerant Type / Charge / GWP... / kgR290 / 0.55 / 3R290 / 1.05 / 3R290 / 1.4 / 3
Rated water flowm³/h11.4
Fan quantity/1
Fan motor type/DC inverter
Compressor/DC inverter
Circulating pump/Inverter type / Built ~ in
IP Class/IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distancedB(A)4653545656
Max. outlet water Temp.°C75
Water Piping ConnectionsinchG1G1 ~ 1 / 4G1 ~ 1 / 4
Water Pressure DropkPa2050
Operating temperature range (Heating mode)°C ~ 25~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode)°C16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H )mm1187*418*8051287*448*9041287*448*9041187*488*14561187*488*1456
Packed Dimensions  ( L×D×H )mm1217*463*9201317*493*10201317*493*10201217*538*15701217*538*1570
UnPacked Weightkg110134134195195
Packed Weightkg122146146208208

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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