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12KW/18KW R410a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater For Domestic Heating and Cooling With DC Inverter - BLN series

· Energy class: A++

· Heating+Cooling+DHW

· Full DC inverter compressor and fan motor

· -25℃ inverter EVI

· WIFI smart control

· R410A refrigerant, environmental friendly

· Outlet water temperature up to 55℃


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R410a air-to-water split heating and cooling system

逗号Energy class: A++,full DC inverter compressor and fan motor

Solareast R410a split Heat Pump can achieve free running with 1Hz stepless variable frequency; energy class rating is A++. The ultra-low temperature full DC inverter frequency modulation of the R410a BLN series can save more energy than other variable frequency units.

These heat pumps not only deliver exceptional heating performance but also prioritize energy savings. By incorporating advanced technology and components, the R410a BLN series heat pumps maximize energy utilization and minimize energy waste. With their high efficiency, these heat pumps are designed to provide effective heating while consuming less energy, resulting in significant cost savings for homeowners.

Additionally, the A++ Energy Class rating demonstrates Solareast's commitment to sustainability by offering environmentally friendly heating solutions. The BLN series residential heat pumps are the perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and energy savings, making them a reliable and efficient heating option for homes.

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逗号R410A refrigerant, environmental friendly

Solareast's BLN series residential split heat pumps feature the use of R410A refrigerant, making them an environmentally friendly heating solution. R410A is a chlorine-free refrigerant that has a low impact on ozone depletion and global warming potential. By utilizing R410A, the BLN series heat pumps align with environmentally conscious practices, reducing their impact on the environment. This refrigerant is known for its efficient heat transfer properties, allowing the BLN series heat pumps to deliver exceptional heating and cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption. In addition, the use of R410A ensures compliance with international environmental regulations.

Solareast's BLN series residential split heat pumps provide homeowners with not only reliable and efficient heating but also a sustainable choice that contributes to environmental preservation. By opting for the BLN series heat pumps, users can enjoy the benefits of comfort while also reducing their carbon footprint and helping to create a cleaner and greener future.



Solareast's BLN series residential split heat pumps offer the remarkable feature of providing Heating, Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) functionalities. With this integrated system, homeowners can enjoy year-round comfort and convenience. The BLN series heat pumps efficiently generate heat during colder months, cooling during warmer months, and also efficiently produce hot water for domestic use. This multifunctionality eliminates the need for separate heating, cooling, and hot water systems, streamlining energy usage and maximizing space utilization. The BLN series heat pumps utilize advanced technology to ensure reliable and efficient performance across all three functions, providing homeowners with a comprehensive solution for their comfort needs.


逗号Stable Operation At -25°C

Solareast's BLN series split heat pumps are exceptional at providing consistent operation even in extremely cold temperatures, with a minimum operating temperature of -25°C. This exceptional feature ensures consistent and efficient heating performance, especially in regions with cold climates. The BLN series split heat pumps are equipped with contemporary components and technology that enable reliable operation, giving homes warmth and comfort even during the harshest winter weather. Because of their stable operation at -25°C, Solareast's BLN series split heat pumps offer homeowners dependable heating all year long, regardless of the outside temperature. This feature demonstrates Solareast's dedication to meeting residential heating needs and ensures that homeowners can live comfortably even during bad weather.


逗号Outlet water temperature up to 55℃

One notable feature of Solareast's BLN series residential split heat pumps is their ability to achieve an outlet water temperature of up to 55℃. This capability allows the BLN series heat pumps to provide hot water at a higher temperature, suitable for various domestic applications. Whether it's for bathing, cleaning, or other household needs, the BLN series heat pumps deliver water that is hot enough to meet the demands of daily life. The ability to reach this higher outlet water temperature ensures comfort and convenience for homeowners, especially in colder climates or during winter months. With the BLN series heat pumps, Solareast offers a reliable and efficient solution that not only provides heating and cooling but also delivers hot water at a temperature that meets the diverse needs of a household, making it an ideal choice for a comprehensive home comfort system.

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逗号WIFI smart control

Solareast's BLN series split heat pumps feature the advanced feature of WIFI smart control. With this functionality, homeowners can conveniently control and monitor their heat pumps from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. The WIFI smart control allows users to adjust temperature settings, switch between heating and cooling modes, and even schedule operations according to their preferences. This smart control capability enables homeowners to optimize energy usage and customize their comfort settings with ease.

Additionally, the WIFI connectivity enables real-time monitoring of system performance, allowing users to detect any issues and troubleshoot them promptly. The convenient and intuitive interface of the WIFI smart control enhances the user experience, providing a seamless and effortless way to manage the BLN series heat pumps. With WIFI smart control, Solareast empowers homeowners with greater control and convenience, making their home heating and cooling experience smarter and more efficient.


Power supplyV/Ph/Hz220-240/1/50220-240/1/50380-415/3/50
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 30℃ / 35℃
HeatingCapacitykW4.3 ~ 12.36.7 ~ 20.56.7 ~ 20.5
Rated inputkW0.7 ~ 3.81.5 ~ 5.91.5 ~ 5.9
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 50℃ / 55℃
HeatingCapacitykW4.5 ~ 12.56.8 ~ 20.66.8 ~ 20.6
Rated inputkW1.4 ~ 5.12.0 ~ 7.72.0 ~ 7.7
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 35℃ / 24℃, Inlet / Outlet water 12℃ / 7℃
CoolingCapacitykW2.5 ~ 9.14.2 ~ 16.54.2 ~ 16.5
Rated inputkW1.9 ~ 6.12.8 ~8.92.8 ~8.9
Energy class (SCOP)Outlet water temp. at 35℃A++
Outlet water temp. at 55℃A++
Charged volumekg2.34.34.3
Noise leveHeatingdB(A)45
Operating  temperature rangeHeating16~48
Net dimensions (W*D*H)mm1005*375*8001077*377*14601077*377*1460
Packed dimensions (W*D*H)mm1080*455*9601150*450*16201150*450*1620
Net/Gross weigh
Technical Data / Hydronic Box

Power supplyV/Ph/Hz
Electrical Shockproof/
IP Class/
Operating Ambient Temperature
Water Piping Connectionsinch
Rated Water Flowm³/h
Water Pressure Drop  kPa
Min/Max water pressure  MPa
Noise LeveldB(A)
Net Dimensions ( L×W×H )mm
Net Weightkg

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