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19KW/22KW/32KW/38KW45KW/75KW/90KW/100KW/200KW Air To Water Heat Pump Water Heater For Commercial Water Heating - RS series

· Modbus RS485 communication connection

· Full-automatic: Adopt the smart controller, doesn't need manual operation

· High Efficiency: Adequate heat transfer area ensures the high COP and performance

· Comfort: High water temperature up to 60ºC, large hot water supply

· Multiple protections

· Environmentally friendly: Use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a

· Operation ambient temperature -15ºC~43ºC
· System can be used for hotel,hosipital,school,factory and so on

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Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient commercial water heater heat pump system

逗号 Operation Ambient Temperature -15ºC-43ºC

Solareast heat pump works well even at temperatures as low as -15℃.This extended operating temperature range ensures reliable performance and versatility even in extreme weather conditions. Whether it is in freezing cold or scorching hot environments, the RS series heat pumps deliver consistent and efficient heating solutions. This feature makes them suitable for a variety of commercial applications, from restaurants and hotels to industrial facilities. The ability to withstand and operate effectively in a wide temperature range showcases the robustness and adaptability of the RS series heat pumps, providing users with reliable and efficient heating throughout the year. Solareast's RS series commercial heat pumps offer exceptional performance regardless of the ambient temperature, ensuring consistent comfort and energy savings in any environment.


逗号R410a refrigerant, eco-friendly

The environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant is included with Solareast's RS series commercial heat pumps. R410a is acknowledged for its exceptional environmental performance due to its negligible potential to deplete ozone and comparatively low potential to cause global warming. The RS series heat pumps help to minimize the negative effects of harmful emissions on the environment by using R410a refrigerant. This environmentally friendly feature promotes the switch to greener and more energy-efficient technologies and is consistent with Solareast's dedication to sustainability. Additionally, R410a refrigerant ensures energy efficiency and optimal performance, giving consumers dependable heating solutions while lowering their carbon footprint. Solareast provides high-performance and environmentally friendly heating solutions for a range of commercial applications through its RS series commercial heat pumps.


逗号High Water Temperature Up To 60 Degree

RS series Commercial heat pumps are capable of reaching temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius in the water. Because of this outstanding feature, the RS series heat pumps are perfect for applications like industrial processes, commercial kitchens, and spas that need hot water at high temperatures. For a variety of commercial applications, the RS series heat pumps offer dependable and effective heating solutions thanks to their capacity to deliver hot water at such high temperatures. Additionally, the high water temperature capability guarantees quick and efficient heating, enabling users to effectively meet their hot water needs. Commercial heat pumps from Solareast's RS series are engineered to provide high-performance heating while being flexible enough to fit a range of commercial applications that need hot water at high temperatures.

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逗号The Benefits of Heat Pumps For Bussiness

For every kWh of electricity consumed to power it, a heat pump produces roughly 4 kWh of energy, making them 300–400% more efficient than electric heating alone.

There is little question that large savings may be gained, even if the cost of installing something like an Air Source Heat Pump would vary depending on the size and complexity of the business facilities.

Of course, there will be an upfront cost that, depending on the size of your property and business, may be prohibitive, and it will take some time before you start saving money as you pay off the investment. However, once the break-even point has been reached, there is potential for significant savings and a good ROI. Additionally, you must confirm that heat pumps may be installed on your business property. For instance, in order to fit the external unit for an air source heat pump, you will need a sufficient exterior wall or flat roof area.

Solareast well-designed commercial heat pump system is more than capable of meeting all of a company's heating requirements and, over time, will save the company money due to lower energy costs.

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逗号Wide Range Of Applications,for industrial and commerical buildings

Many companies are beginning to consider heat pumps as a long-term, cost-effective option for heating a busy workplace as they work to decrease their carbon footprint and energy costs. A company or home without a gas supply might make and save several thousand dollars annually by using an air source heat pump.

In essence, heat pumps transfer heat from one location to another. The most common form is an air source heat pump, which moves ambient heat from the air outside your property into your home where it may be utilized for underfloor heating, radiators, or to maintain a supply of hot water at a higher temperature. Other types of heat pumps employ water or the earth as a plentiful source of free heat, but the basic idea remains the same.

Large heat pumps are being utilized in more and more commercial and non-residential buildings, such as offices, malls, sports arenas, and schools. According to estimates, commercial heating alone may contribute to 40% of CO2 emissions, thus many firms place discovering new and creative ways to heat their facilities at the top of their priority lists.

Power Supply380~415V/3/50Hz
Heating Capacity (KW)18.00223238477688101192
Rated Input Power (KW)4.205.15  7.408.7510.8217.70  21.0023.3845.90
Rated Current (A7.519.21  13.51  15.64  19.34  32.00  37.5441.7945.90
COP4.294.27  4.324.344.34
Max Power Input(kW)7.208.70  12.0013.9016.2328.50  31.5033.904.18
Max Current(A)12.9015.6021.6024.8529.0151.00  56.3160.6068.85
Water Temp. Range (℃)Default 55, 28~60
Working temp. range(℃)-15~43
Anti-electric chock classI
Water proof gradeIPX4
Water flow volume(L/h)4000450069008000950016000180002000035000
Water Pressure Drop(kPa)50506060656565
Compressor qty.112212112
Fan motor qty.11
ColorBlack, Matte surface2
Air Flow DirectionVertical
SafetiesLP & HP Cutout, Current & Voltage, Overheat, Temperature, Pressure Protection
DefrostingAuto and By manual
Net Weight(kg)1551552592594506507007151000
Water connection(mm) male 25male 25female 32female 32male 40female 50female 50female 50female 80
Gross Weight(kg)163163269
Packing Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)792*741*1151792*741*11511460*798*11511460*798*11511250*1076*18702198*1096*22962198*1096*22962198*1096*22962260*1160*2320

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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