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Hydraulic Module With Water Tank - HUST Series

·Wi-Fi & Modbus interface as standard

· Inverter technology

· User-friendly functions

· High efficiency

· A+++ energy class

· Wide operating range


Hydraulic Module - a good partner for R32 or R290 heating and cooling heat pump

逗号Hydraulic Module With Water Tank

A tower with a 200/250-litre tank for everyday hot water comes with a quick-acting heat switcher connected to the outside part through coolant tubes. The unit is fitted with a heat switcher, expansion tank, tap for daily hot water, connection for a backup boiler, and safety valves. A full package that assures dependability and saves space.

with tank

逗号User-friendly Control

All options can be accessed via the color LED display. We have consolidated all features and configurations onto a single page to ensure ease of use.

screen-with tank

逗号 Wi-fi Control

Wi-Fi capability is included as a standard feature in all models, enabling effortless remote monitoring and adjustment of the pump's operations.


逗号Energy Savings

Solareast DC Inverter heat pumps provide significant energy savings for heating and hot water production, thanks to their high SCOP levels. Compared to traditional heating systems like boilers, the energy consumption over a single winter can be reduced by 30% to 50%, resulting in considerable cost savings.

energy saving 图标

逗号Reduced Space Requirments

The Solareast HYDRAULIC MODULE saves space and offers convenience for home use since all of its parts are integrated within the internal module. It also comes with a hot water tank, which is built in, unlike usual separate installations. This all-in-one pack comes pre-set with hydronic parts and hot water parts, enabling faster setup and freeing up living space. It is user-friendly, dependable, and highly efficient.


逗号 Ultra Quiet Operating Mode

By adjusting the power of the compressor and fan, we can reduce the noise at night or other times when it needs to be extra quiet, which can cut down the noise by half. This gives you the most comfort, with the least usage and quietest performance.


逗号Exclusive Design To Work In The Most Extreme Condition

This equipment can function in a broad range of outdoor temperatures: even in extreme conditions from -25°C to 45°C.


逗号Proven Quality

Solareast offers heat pump solutions that can seamlessly integrate into the future smart energy grids, contributing to the availability of affordable heating systems necessary for achieving carbon reduction targets. These heat pumps are designed to meet the rigorous standards set by prestigious quality accreditation schemes like MCS,Keymark,CE(Conformité Européenne),ErP(Energy-Related Products),BAFA,SG Ready,which are essential for qualifying for state subsidies in Europe.


 逗号Efficient IoT Solution

Solareast offers an efficient IoT customer management platform that can help dealers significantly reduce labor costs. The platform enables remote monitoring of operating parameters, data recording, and synchronization with management systems of both dealers and manufacturers. Additionally, the platform generates error reports, allowing dealers to provide prompt solutions to users.


Introducing our efficient and energy-saving Hydraulic Module Heat Pump, a cutting-edge solution for all your heating and cooling needs. This advanced system features an advanced hydraulic module design that ensures optimal performance and efficiency, making it a standout choice for eco-conscious consumers.

The Hydraulic Module Heat Pump is equipped with high-performance heat transfer technology and utilizes an eco-friendly refrigerant to provide reliable and sustainable heating and cooling. Its reliable and durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, while the quiet operation ensures a peaceful indoor environment.

With a compact and space-saving design, this heat pump is perfect for homes and businesses looking to maximize their space. The easy installation process and compatibility with smart thermostats make it convenient and user-friendly, offering seamless integration into your existing HVAC system.

Whether used in residential or commercial settings, the Hydraulic Module Heat Pump offers versatile application and all-in-one heating and cooling capabilities. Its weather-resistant exterior and remote control capabilities provide added convenience and control, while the customizable settings allow for personalized comfort.

Experience superior comfort and efficiency with our modern and sleek Hydraulic Module Heat Pump. Its low maintenance requirements and superior temperature control ensure hassle-free operation, while the long-lasting performance and smart energy management features make it a top choice for sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

Elevate your indoor climate with our stylish and contemporary Hydraulic Module Heat Pump, designed to enhance your living or working environment with advanced technology and eco-conscious features. Upgrade to our Hydraulic Module Heat Pump for a smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution.

Power Supply220-240/1/50380-415/1/50220-240/1/50380-415/3/50
Auxiliary heater powerkW3939
Power Input Max.kW3.
Current Input Max.A15.616.215.616.2
Hot Water Tank VolumeL200200250250
Electrical Shockproof/I
IP Class/IPX1
Hot Water Piping ConnectionsInG3/4
Heating Water Piping ConnectionsInG1
Water Pressure DropkPa10
Water Pressure Min/MaxMpa0.1/0.3
Hot Water Tank Pressure Max.Mpa0.8
Sound Pressure leveldB(A)35
Exchange Coil Shape/corrugation
Heat Exchange Coil Dimensionsmm∅28*25000
Net Weightkg95120
Gross Weightkg105130

*Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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