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3KW/4KW/5KW R32 Air Source Swimming Pool Water Heater - YC Series

· R32 new refrigerant

· True Mini. 900+ Pcs for 40HC

· COP up to 5.2

· Removable 38/32mm connection

· Water flow switch available

· 3/4/5kW available


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R410a swimm pool heat pump system

逗号R32 refrigerant

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump is equipped with R32 refrigerant, which provides outstanding cooling and heating performance while being environmentally friendly. R32 has a GWP (global warming potential) that is 60% lower than the commonly used R410a refrigerant, reducing the heat pump's impact on climate change. By adopting R32 refrigerant, the Mini YC series demonstrates Solareast's commitment to sustainable practices and environmental protection. Additionally, R32 has a higher energy efficiency ratio than R410a, resulting in lower electricity consumption and longer equipment lifespan. The Mini YC series' use of R32 refrigerant ensures not only eco-friendliness but also enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.


逗号True Mini. 900+ Pcs for 40HC

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump boasts the remarkable feature of being a True Mini, with a total of 900+ units capable of fitting in a 40HC container. This makes it an ideal choice for projects or installations requiring multiple heat pump units. The True Mini design ensures efficient use of space and maximizes the number of units that can be transported and installed at once.

With over 900 units Mini heat pumps fitting in a single 40HC container, this feature offers significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and logistics, as it reduces shipping costs and simplifies transportation arrangements.

逗号COP up to 5.2

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump is known for its impressive COP (Coefficient of Performance) up to 5.2, making it a highly energy-efficient and cost-effective choice for pool heating. The COP rating measures the amount of heat produced per unit of electricity consumed, and a higher COP signifies greater energy efficiency. With a COP up to 5.2, the Mini YC series achieves exceptional heating performance by effectively converting electricity into heat output. This translates to significant energy savings and reduced operating costs for pool owners. By maximizing energy utilization and minimizing energy waste, the Mini YC series ensures efficient and eco-friendly pool heating solutions. Solareast's commitment to delivering high COP values in the Mini YC series highlights their dedication to providing customers with energy-efficient and sustainable pool heating options.

逗号Removable 38/32mm connection

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump is equipped with a removable 38/32mm connection, which offers great convenience and flexibility. This unique feature allows for easy installation and maintenance of the heat pump system. The removable connection simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting the heat pump, making it quick and effortless for service technicians or pool owners to access and work on the equipment. It ensures a secure and leak-free connection, providing peace of mind and hassle-free operation. This removable connection feature is a testament to Solareast's commitment to user-friendly design and customer satisfaction.

逗号Water flow switch available

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump is equipped with a water flow switch, providing an additional layer of safety and efficiency to the system. The water flow switch monitors the flow of water and automatically shuts off the heat pump if it detects insufficient water flow. This feature protects the heat pump from potential damage caused by overheating and ensures that the pool water is continuously circulated and heated properly. Moreover, the water flow switch helps to optimize energy consumption by only activating the heat pump when there is adequate water flow.

逗号3/4/5kW available

Solareast's Mini YC series Swimming Pool Heat Pump offers versatility with 3/4/5kW power options available. This feature allows customers to choose the appropriate power output based on the size and specific heating requirements of their pool. The 3kW option is suitable for small pools or spas, while the 4kW and 5kW options are ideal for medium to large-sized pools. With this range of power options, Solareast ensures that pool owners can find the perfect fit for their needs, ensuring efficient and effective heating performance.

Model No.YC-003TB1YC-004TB1YC-005TB1
* Heating Capacity at Air 26℃, Humidity 80%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out
Heating Capacity (kW)
Power Input (kW)0.580.770.97
* Heating Capacity at Air 15℃, Humidity 70%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out
Heating Capacity (kW)2.302.903.85
Power Input (kW)0.550.710.92
* General data
Power supply220~240V/1/50Hz
Max Power Input (kW)0.700.901.14
Max Current (A)
Water Flow Volume (m3/h)
Advised pool size m30~105~168~20
Water connection (mm)32 Or 38
Heat ExchangerTitanium
Air Flow DirectionHorizontal
Working temp. range (℃)12~43
Casing MaterialABS+Metal
Noise level (dBa)454648
Net Weight (kg)182226
Gross Weight (kg)202430
Net Dimensions (mm)380*290*370420*365*440
Package Dimensions (mm)440*355*400480*435*490

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.

Introducing our state-of-the-art Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Heat Pump, designed to provide powerful heating capacity while offering eco-friendly and cost-effective operation. This versatile heat pump is perfect for all-season use, ensuring that your pool stays at the perfect temperature year-round.

With quick heating performance and quiet operation, our Swimming Pool Heat Pump is equipped with a weather-resistant design, making it ideal for outdoor use. The easy installation process, digital control panel, and multiple heating modes allow for convenient and customizable pool heating. Integration with smart technology and remote control capability further enhance the user experience.

Constructed with durable materials and featuring a space-saving design, this compact Swimming Pool Heat Pump delivers high efficiency and adjustable temperature settings. The energy-saving mode and efficient heat transfer ensure optimal performance while the anti-corrosion coating and stainless steel components guarantee long-lasting durability.

Enhance the look of your pool area with the modern and sleek appearance of our Swimming Pool Heat Pump, which offers versatile installation options and is suitable for various pool sizes. The weatherproof housing, self-diagnostic system, and low maintenance requirements make this heat pump a reliable and hassle-free choice for pool owners.

With a backup heating element, UV-resistant materials, and a digital display screen with timer function, our Swimming Pool Heat Pump is designed for convenience and efficiency. It is also compatible with smart home systems and is Energy Star certified for its energy efficiency. The integrated defrost system, enhanced heat exchanger, and innovative compressor technology work together to improve pool heating efficiency, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience for you and your family. Upgrade to our Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Heat Pump today and enjoy a warm and inviting pool all year round.


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