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7KW/10KW/13KW/17KW/21KW/25KW R32 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Inver-wave - BYC Serie

· Full inverter, higher COP, better performance

· R32 refrigerant, environmental friendly

· Titanium heat exchanger, corrosion ressistance

· Intelligent controller

· WIFI function included

· MODBUS communication

· Heating, cooling & Auto function included

Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R32 swimming pool heat pump system

逗号Full inverter, higher COP, better performance

Full inverter technology is a key feature of the Solareast INVER-WAVE pool heat pump, providing a higher coefficient of performance (COP) and exceptional performance. Unlike traditional on/off heat pumps that operate at fixed capacity levels, the full inverter technology of the INVER-WAVE allows for variable speed operation. This means that the compressor and fan can adjust their speed to match the heating demands of the pool, resulting in optimized energy consumption and improved efficiency. With full inverter technology, the INVER-WAVE heat pump can achieve higher COP ratings, ensuring cost-effective and energy-efficient pool heating. The ability to modulate the heat pump's operation also contributes to a more comfortable and consistent pool water temperature, providing an enhanced swimming experience for users.

逗号R32 refrigerant, environmental friendly

The INVER-WAVE heat pump utilizes R32 refrigerant, which is known for its environmental friendliness and low global warming potential (GWP). R32 has a significantly lower GWP compared to other commonly used refrigerants, ensuring that the heat pump has a minimal impact on climate change. By selecting R32 as the refrigerant, Solareast demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, R32 has excellent thermodynamic properties, enabling the INVER-WAVE heat pump to deliver efficient and reliable pool heating performance. With R32 refrigerant, pool owners can enjoy both environmental benefits and optimal pool heating capabilities without sacrificing performance.

逗号Titanium heat exchanger, corrosion ressistance

The titanium heat exchanger in the INVER-WAVE heat pump sets it apart from other models and ensures exceptional corrosion resistance. Titanium is renowned for its resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal material for heat exchangers in pool heating applications. Chlorinated pool water and harsh chemicals can lead to corrosion in standard heat exchangers, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. However, with a titanium heat exchanger, the INVER-WAVE heat pump can withstand exposure to corrosive pool environments, maintaining its heat transfer efficiency and longevity. The corrosion resistance of the titanium heat exchanger ensures reliable and long-lasting performance for the heat pump, providing users with peace of mind and a durable solution for their pool heating needs.

逗号Intelligent controller

The INVER-WAVE heat pump features an intelligent controller that optimizes its operation and enhances user convenience. The intelligent controller continuously monitors and adjusts various parameters, such as pool temperature, heating/cooling mode, and fan speed. This ensures that the heat pump operates at its most efficient level, maximizing energy savings and maintaining a consistent and comfortable pool water temperature. The intelligent controller also provides advanced features such as fault diagnosis, automatic defrost, and self-protection mechanisms, ensuring the heat pump operates reliably and minimizes the risk of potential issues. With an intelligent controller, users can easily program and control the INVER-WAVE heat pump to meet their preferences, making pool management effortless.

逗号WIFI function included

The INVER-WAVE heat pump comes equipped with built-in WIFI functionality, adding a new level of convenience and control for pool owners. By connecting the heat pump to a home WIFI network, users can effortlessly monitor and control the heat pump from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. The WIFI functionality allows users to adjust temperature settings, switch between heating and cooling modes, and even set up personalized schedules remotely. This feature offers flexibility for users with busy lifestyles or those who frequently travel, ensuring that their pool is always at the desired temperature while optimizing energy efficiency. The inclusion of WIFI functionality in the INVER-WAVE heat pump brings modern connectivity and convenience to pool heating, enhancing the overall user experience.

逗号MODBUS communication

The MODBUS communication capability of the INVER-WAVE heat pump enables seamless integration and communication with other compatible devices or home automation systems. MODBUS is a widely used communication protocol in the automation industry, allowing for easy exchange of data between devices and central control systems. With MODBUS communication, users can remotely monitor and control various parameters of the INVER-WAVE heat pump, such as temperature, operating mode, and fan speed, from a centralized control panel or through compatible software. This level of integration and control ensures that the heat pump operates in harmony with other systems, creating a comprehensive and efficient pool heating solution tailored to the user's needs.

逗号Heating, cooling & Auto function included

The INVER-WAVE heat pump offers not only heating but also cooling and auto functions, providing greater versatility and convenience for pool owners. The heating function allows the INVER-WAVE heat pump to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the pool water, raising its temperature for optimal swimming comfort. Additionally, the cooling function reverses the heat transfer process, allowing the heat pump to remove heat from the pool water and dissipate it into the environment, effectively lowering the pool temperature. The auto function automatically selects between heating and cooling modes based on the pool temperature, ensuring that the INVER-WAVE heat pump maintains the desired pool water temperature regardless of external conditions. The inclusion of heating, cooling, and auto functions in the INVER-WAVE heat pump offers users greater flexibility and control over their pool environment, allowing for year-round enjoyment and comfort.

Heating Capacity at Air 26℃, Humidity 80%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out
Heating Capacity(kW)7.8~1.89.8~2.312.6~3.016.5~3.820.5~4.725.5~6.4
Power Input(kW)1.15~0.111.42~0.141.83~0.192.39~0.242.97~0.303.70~0.40
Heating Capacity at Air 15℃, Humidity 70%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out
Heating Capacity(kW)6.2~1.47.7~1.89.8~2.312.2~2.715.1~3.520.2~4.9
Power Input(kW)1.27~0.181.57~0.241.99~0.302.49~0.363.08~0.474.12~0.64
Cooling Capacity at Air 35℃, Water 29℃ in, 27℃ out
Cooling Capacity(kW)4.3~1.15.5~1.47.3~1.79.1~2.211.2~2.514.5~3.2
Power Input(kW)1.13~0.161.45~0.211.87~0.252.33~0.332.95~0.373.72~0.48
Power supply  220~240V / 1/ 50 Hz
Max Power Input (kW)1.31.622.53.14.2
Max Current (A)
Heat ExchangerTitanium
Air Flow DirectionHorizontal
Water Flow Volume(m³/h)2.5
Automatic defrostingby 4 way valve
Working temperature range(℃)-15~43
Noise level 1m dB(A)39~4940~4942~5042~5044~5145~53
Noise level 10m dB(A)20~2920~3222~3323~3525~3627~38
Casing Material  ABS plastic
Net Weight(kg)444655566092
Gross Weight(kg)555766 6772105
Net Dimensions (L*W *H) (mm)850*360*590850*360*590972*430*653972*430*653972*430*6531083*448*704
Package Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm)920*440*770920*440*7701022*460*7881022*460*7881022*460*7881130*460*830

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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