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9KW/12KW/15KW/18KW/26/KW/32KW R32 Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater For Domestic Heating and Cooling - BLN Series

· Energy class: A++

· Heating+Cooling+DHW

· Full DC inverter compressor and fan motor

· -25℃ inverter EVI
· WIFI smart control
· R32 refrigerant, environmental friendly

· Outlet water temperature up to 60℃


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient  R32 residential heating and cooling heat pump system

逗号Outlet Water Temperature Up To 60℃

One amazing feature of the BLN series residential heat pumps is their ability to deliver outlet water temperatures as high as 60°C. The BLN series heat pumps have the remarkable ability to supply hot water at high temperatures, allowing homeowners to savor the comfort of warm and inviting baths or showers. Solareast's BLN series heat pumps meet the increasing demand for hot water in homes by quickly and efficiently heating water to temperatures as high as 60°C. Because of this feature, the BLN series heat pumps offer homeowners dependable and effective heating performance, making them the perfect choice for locations with colder climates or applications that call for hot water at higher temperatures.


逗号Ultra Quiet

Solareast's BLN series residential heat pumps heat pumps are engineered with advanced technology and components that reduce the level of noise they produce, ensuring peaceful and quiet operation. With their noise levels as low as 45 decibels, the BLN series heat pumps are one of the quietest heat pumps available in the market today. This feature is ideal for households seeking a silent home environment without the disturbance of loud heating systems. Furthermore, the ultra-quiet operation of the BLN series heat pumps enables homeowners to optimize their energy consumption without compromising on their comfort. With the BLN series residential heat pumps, Solareast offers a heating solution that delivers not only efficient and reliable performance but also an ultra-silent experience, making it the perfect choice for households that value peace and tranquility.

逗号Energy class: A++,high efficiency and more energy-saving

Solareast R32 BLN series's ultra-low temperature full DC inverter frequency modulation can save more energy up to 59%,compared with other variable frequency units,Solareast Heat pump can realize free running with 1Hz stepless variable frequency,energy class rating is A++.

These heat pumps not only deliver exceptional heating performance but also prioritize energy savings. By incorporating advanced technology and components, the BLN series heat pumps maximize energy utilization and minimize energy waste. With their high efficiency, these heat pumps are designed to provide effective heating while consuming less energy, resulting in significant cost savings for homeowners. Additionally, the A++ Energy Class rating demonstrates Solareast's commitment to sustainability by offering environmentally friendly heating solutions. The BLN series residential heat pumps are the perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and energy savings, making them a reliable and efficient heating option for homes.


逗号R32 refrigerant,environmental friendly

Solareast R32 BLN series uses R32 refrigerant, which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than R410A. As a greener heating solution with R32 refrigerant, R32 S thermal B series is highly energy efficient.

R32 has a lower global warming potential compared to other commonly used refrigerants, making it a more sustainable choice. By adopting R32 refrigerant, the BLN series heat pumps contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing their impact on the environment. This eco-friendly feature aligns with Solareast's commitment to sustainability and provides homeowners with a greener heating solution for their households. Furthermore, the use of R32 refrigerant in the BLN series heat pumps ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency, allowing homeowners to enjoy efficient and reliable heating while reducing their carbon footprint. With the BLN series residential heat pumps, Solareast offers an environmentally friendly heating solution that promotes both energy savings and responsible environmental stewardship.


逗号Stable operation at -25°C

With a minimum operating temperature of -25°C, Solareast's BLN series residential heat pumps excel at delivering steady operation even in extremely cold temperatures. This outstanding characteristic guarantees dependable and effective heating performance, particularly in areas with cold climates. Modern technology and parts give the BLN series heat pumps the ability to operate consistently, providing homes with warmth and comfort even in the most severe winter conditions. Solareast's BLN series heat pumps provide homeowners with dependable heating year-round, regardless of the outside temperature, thanks to their stable operation at -25°C. This feature shows how committed Solareast is to providing for the various heating requirements of homes and guarantees that homeowners can live comfortably in spite of inclement weather.


逗号Renewable Energy

Heat pumps are environmentally-friendly systems that utilize renewable energy from natural sources. Renewable energy is derived from replenishing sources that regenerate themselves at a faster rate than they are consumed. The air supply is one such constantly refreshed source of renewable energy. Solareast heat pumps employ air-source technology to achieve efficient heating and cooling. This utilization of the air source aligns with the principles of preserving the environment and promoting resource reuse. With the use of air-source technology, Solareast heat pumps harness the renewable energy of the air supply, providing homeowners with an eco-friendly solution for their heating and cooling needs. By harnessing renewable energy and prioritizing resource reuse, heat pumps like those offered by Solareast contribute to a sustainable and greener future.

Power supplyV/Ph/Hz220-240/1/50220-240/1/50220-240/1/50220-240/1/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 30℃ / 35℃


kW3.4 ~ 10.2
4.6 ~ 12.85.2 ~ 16.86.8 ~ 20.54.6 ~ 12.85.2 ~ 16.86.8 ~ 20.511.8 ~ 28.614.5 ~ 36.3

Rated input

kW0.7 ~ 3.20.8 ~ 3.91.0 ~ 5.11.0 ~ 5.10.8 ~ 3.91.0 ~ 5.11.5 ~ 5.92.9 ~ 6.23.8 ~ 7.6
SCOP4.29 4.31
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 7℃ / 6℃, Inlet / Outlet water 50℃ / 55℃
HeatingCapacitykW3.6 ~ 10.34.7 ~ 12.95.3 ~ 16.86.9 ~ 20.84.7 ~ 12.95.3 ~ 16.86.9 ~ 20.811.8 ~ 28.814.7 ~ 36.6
Rated inputkW0.9 ~ 4.31.4 ~ 5.11.3 ~ 6.72.0 ~ 7.71.4 ~ 5.11.3 ~ 6.72.0 ~ 7.73.8 ~ 8.14.9 ~ 9.9
SCOP3.36 3.30 3.323.65 3.30 3.323.653.69 3.52
Performance Condition: Outdoor air 35℃ / 24℃, Inlet / Outlet water 12℃ / 7℃
CoolingCapacitykW2.1-8.22.6 ~ 9.13.6 ~ 11.54.2 ~ 16.82.6 ~ 9.13.6 ~ 11.54.2 ~ 16.85.2 ~ 19.56.2 ~24.5
Rated inputkW1.4 ~ 4.51.9 ~ 4.72.0 ~ 7.82.8 ~8.91.9 ~ 4.72.0 ~ 7.82.8 ~8.94.8 ~ 9.35.1 ~ 11.4
EER2.822.772.862.98 2.77 2.86 2.98 2.83 2.96
Energy class (SCOP)Outlet water temp. at 35CA++
Outlet water temp. at 55CA++
Charged volumekg1.
Noise levelHeatingdB(A)454548484548485050
Water flow volumem³/h1.552.052.553.102.052.553.104.505.50
Water piping connectionsmmDN25 MaleDN25 MaleDN25 MaleDN25 MaleDN25 MaleDN25 MaleDN32 MaleDN32 MaleDN32 Male
Operating temperature rangeCooling16 - 48
Heating-25 - 48
DHW-25 - 48
Net dimensions (W*D*H)mm1005*375*8001005*375*8001025*380*13201077*377*14601005*375*8001025*380*13201077*377*14601127*427*15601127*427*1560
Packed dimensions (W*D*H)mm1080*455*9601080*455*9601076*440*14601150*450*16201080*455*9601076*440*14601150*450*16201150*500*17201150*500*1720
Net/Gross weightkg70/8070585124/140147/16575/85124/140147/165160/178200/218


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