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60L/80L/100L Low Noise R134a Eco-friendly Efficient Wall Mounted Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater - YT Series

· Horizontal/Vertical optional

· Maximum outlet water temperature up to 75℃
· Multiple running mode

· Silent running, low to 38dB(A)


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R134a water heater heat pump system.

逗号Horizontal/Vertical optional

The Solareast Wall Mounted heat pump water heater offers the option of horizontal or vertical installation, providing flexibility and convenience for users. With the horizontal option, the heat pump can be easily integrated into existing plumbing systems, minimizing the need for additional modifications or plumbing work. This makes it an ideal choice for retrofitting or adding a heat pump to an existing water heating system. On the other hand, the vertical installation option is suitable for situations with limited floor space, as it takes up less footprint. This versatile installation capability ensures that the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater can be seamlessly integrated into various settings, meeting the unique requirements of different user scenarios.

逗号Maximum outlet water temperature up to 75℃

 A key feature of the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater is its ability to achieve a maximum outlet water temperature of up to 75°C. This high maximum outlet temperature ensures that the heat pump can deliver hot water for a wide range of applications. Whether it's for domestic use, commercial settings, or industrial processes, the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater can provide ample hot water supply at the desired temperature. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications, such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, factories, and more. With its exceptional heating capacity, the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater ensures efficient and reliable hot water production, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of hot water without compromising on performance or convenience.


逗号Multiple running mode

The Wall Mounted heat pump water heater offers multiple running modes to cater to different hot water requirements. These running modes include heating, cooling, and automatic. In heating mode, the heat pump extracts heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the water, raising its temperature for hot water supply. In cooling mode, the heat pump reverses its operation, effectively cooling the water for specific applications such as ice-making or cooling processes. The automatic mode intelligently selects between heating and cooling operations based on the water temperature requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and user convenience. This versatility allows users to adapt the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater to their specific hot water needs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.


逗号Silent running, low to 38dB(A)

The Wall Mounted heat pump water heater operates silently at noise levels as low as 38dB(A), creating a peaceful and comfortable environment. This low noise output is achieved through advanced design and engineering techniques that minimize vibration and noise generation. When installed in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, the silent running of the heat pump ensures minimal disturbance to occupants or nearby activities. The low noise level allows users to enjoy hot water comfortably and without any unnecessary noise interference. Whether it's for a relaxing shower, a quiet workspace, or a tranquil hotel room, the silent running feature of the Wall Mounted heat pump water heater ensures a pleasant and undisturbed hot water experience for users.

逗号Efficacious Heat Pumps  

With advanced design and manufacture, the SOLAREAST Wall Mounted heat pump water heater hot water systems deliver a comprehensive set of installation configurations perfect for the various site-specific requirements around the world. They are available in a range of capacity sizes to further customize their capabilities to suit the application.


Power Supply220~240V/1/50Hz
Heating Capacity at Air 20℃/15℃, Water Temperature from 15℃ to 55℃
Heating Capacity (W)600
Power Input (W)169
Hot Water Production (L/h)12
Electric Heating Element(kW)2
Max Power Input(kW)2.5
Max Current (A)11.4
Water Tank Volume (L)60
Max Water Tank Pressure0.8MPa
IP ClassIPX4
Working temperature range(℃)-7~43
Net Dimension(mm)Φ470*977Φ470*1142Φ470*1282Φ470*890Φ470*1040Φ470*1180
Package Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)565*585*1010565*585*1180565*585*1320565*570*960565*570*1100565*570*1250 
Net Weight(kg)394245394250
Gross Weight(kg)434658434654
Air DuctNon-ducted

 *Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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