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200L/250L/300L Low Noise R290 Eco-friendly Efficient Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater -5

· Heating, cooling, floor heating and sanitary hot water
· Full DC inverter Panasonic compressor and fan motor
· Outlet water temperature up to 60℃
· -30℃ inverter EVI
· Energy class: A+++


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R290 water heater heat pump system.

· Powered By PV System With SG Ready

Solareast's water heater heat pumps utilize smart meters to capture power signals, enabling them to optimize the self-consumption of PV systems. By capitalizing on low-priced periods and avoiding high-priced periods, users can effectively reduce costs and optimize energy consumption, enjoying the benefits of this intelligent system.

· Solar Water Heating System

Improve energy efficiency by combining Solareast's R290 water heater heat pump with a solar water heating system. This unique configuration eliminates the reliance on electricity to heat water, harnessing free solar energy to provide heat. Experience the benefits of sustainable water heating and substantial energy savings, contributing to a more eco-friendly future.


· R290 Refrigerant

The Solareast water heater heat pump provides an eco-friendly solution for residential use. It utilizes R290 refrigerant, known for its low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), ensuring minimal harm to the ozone layer and mitigating global warming effects. If you prioritize sustainability and the environment, the R290 Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater is the perfect choice, aligning with the carbon-neutral trend and offering a sustainable water heating solution.


· Noise control, No disturbances

By conducting numerous noise experiments on the R290 water heater heat pump, Soalreast's R&D Center has systematically enhanced the noise control scheme. This has resulted in a tranquil home environment with a remarkably low dB(A) level of 48dB. The incorporation of full DC technology is a notable innovation, providing users with an even more enjoyable experience due to its quieter operation compared to conventional AC motors.


· Micro-channel Heat Exchange

With the implementation of micro-channel heat exchange technology, the solarseast R290 water heater heat pump achieves an impressive heating capacity of up to 2.9KW. This advanced technology enhances heating performance by facilitating efficient heat transfer. For households seeking a reliable and energy-efficient hot water solution, our compact air-source heat pump water heater is the ideal choice, offering both high heating capacity and a small footprint.


· Eletricity Saving

To attain the most favorable coefficient of performance (COP), the Solareast R290 water heater heat pump employs computational analysis of its real-time operating parameters during water heating. Consequently, it can adjust the power input accordingly. Notably, its astounding energy savings of up to 75% and SCOP of 3.7 or above considerably aid in reducing energy consumption and cutting down users' energy expenses.


·Outlet water temperature up to 75degree

Water temperatures of up to 75°C can effectively inhibit up to 90% of bacterial growth, ensuring a hygienic hot water supply. For enhanced durability, our optional duplex stainless steel construction features 2205 inner corrosion resistance, significantly extending the lifespan of the water heater.


· Various Sizes Of Water Tanks

Solareast has introduced three different models of R290 water heater heat pumps to cater to the varying needs of households. Users can choose between the 100l, 200l, and 300l sizes based on the size and requirements of their family. With this range of options, families can enjoy a consistent supply of hot water without any wastage or shortage.


· MODBUS Communication


· Power Consumption Module


· Easy Installation


· How To Work

①A fan draws in air containing heat energy, across the evaporator.

②The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas.

③The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant into a hot gas.

④The hot gas inside the microchannel heat exchanger heats the water inside the tank.

⑤The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the water and continues to the evaporator for the process to start again.

⑥The cycle continues until the set target temperature is achieved.


Power Supply
Heating CapacityW2800
Rated Hot Water ProductionL/h60
Rated Power InputW629
Rated Current InputA2.8
ElectricHeaterRated Power InputW2000
Rated Current InputA8.9
Power Input Max.W3000
Current Input Max.A13.3
Refrigerant Type/Charge/GWP/R290/0.45kg/3
CO₂ Equivalent/0.00135t
Working Ambient temperature'-7~46
Operation Pressure(Low Side)MPa0.8
Operation Pressure(High Side)MPa3
Maximum AllowableMPa3
Electrical Shock proof/I
IP Class/IP1
Water Tank CapacityL200
Water Piping ConnectionsIn 3/4
Rated Working Pressure Of TankMPa0.8
Air flow Rated450
Unit Dimensions (W/H/D)mm1650*φ620
Shipping Dimensions (W/H/D)mm1755*700*700
Net Weightkg95105115


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