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18KW/24KW R32 Air To Water Heat Pump Both Commercial And Residential Heating And Cooling Solutions - BLN Series

· R32 environmental refrigerant

· Energy class: A+++

· Full DC inverter Panasonic compressor and fan motor

· -25℃ inverter EVI

· Power Detection Function

· SG-READY Function

· 5-Inch TFT True Color Screen

· 5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module

· Dual Temperature Zone

· Reserved RS485 Communication Port

· Linkage Control with PV Function

· Outlet water temperature up to 60℃


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R32 air-to-water heating and cooling system

逗号R32 Refrigerant

Solareast has developed a three-in-one range of R32 air-to-water heat pumps for heating and cooling and domestic hot water. with its low carbon emissions and high efficiency.

So, why should you choose R32 refrigerant? Let's dive into the key benefits:

① Enhanced Energy Efficiency: R32 boasts a higher heat transfer coefficient, resulting in improved system efficiency and reduced energy consumption, perfect for eco-conscious users committed to sustainability.

② Lower Environmental Impact: With a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other refrigerants, R32 helps minimize greenhouse gas emissions, supporting your efforts towards a greener future.

③ Enhanced Safety: Rest easy in the knowledge that R32 exhibits a lower flammability rating than alternative refrigerants, ensuring safety is prioritized in heat pump applications.

④ Compact Design: R32 enables the creation of smaller and lighter heat pump units, making them ideal for installations where space is limited, without compromising on performance.

⑤ Cost-Effectiveness: Embrace the practicality and affordability of R32, readily available and competitively priced. By choosing heat pumps utilizing this refrigerant, you can optimize your investment and enjoy long-term savings.


逗号Efficiency A+++ Energy Level

The monoblock heat pump R32 has a modern design that successfully satisfies the exacting requirements for stability,quiet operation,and efficiency. It achieves the highly sought-after A+++ energy rating at a 25°C outlet water temperature and the maximum energy label rating of A+++ at 35°C outlet water temperature by using the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant and adding inverter technology.Consequently,consumers may take advantage of excellent performance at much lower energy expenditures.


逗号Stable Operation At -25°C

Reliability and environmental friendliness abound with the monoblock heat pump R32, which combines the use of R32 refrigerant with inverter technology to provide hot water and regulate temperature well, even in extremely cold climes (≥-25degree). Its sophisticated defrosting mechanism also guarantees reliable and efficient operation all year round.


逗号Dual Temperature Zone

A dual temperature zone is a special feature of the Monoblock heat pump R32. You can effortlessly adjust the temperature settings in various sections of your living area thanks to this creative feature. With this heat pump, you can simultaneously set the room heater to a comfortable 55°C and set the floor heating in your living room to a cozy and comfortable 35°C.

Our Monoblock heat pump with dual temperature zone function guarantees a customized comfort experience, whether you prefer a slightly colder temperature in one area while keeping another area warmer or if you want to create a temperature contrast between different rooms.


逗号Efficient IoT Solution

The IoT customer management software from Solareast has the potential to drastically lower human costs for dealers. To facilitate remote data monitoring, it may be connected to a DUT or WiFi network. Additionally, it may be used to log all of the units' operating features and sync the data with dealer and manufacturer management records. If the heat pump has an error report, the dealer may quickly give customers the best fixes based on this information.


逗号Noise control,no disturbances

The compressor stepless speed control of the monoblock heat pump R32 is used in testing and optimization to reach 1Hz frequency regulation with complete full DC technology. Additionally, the heat pump is wind-resistant thanks to stronger ABS blades. For its clients, Solareast is dedicated to establishing extremely quiet operation conditions.


逗号5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module

With our cutting-edge air source heat pump, which comes with a 5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module, you can stay connected. You can control and keep an eye on your heat pump system from anywhere at any time with a smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the ease of changing settings, scheduling temperature adjustments, and receiving real-time notifications for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


逗号Cut Costs, Conserve Energy

The R32 air-to-water heat pump range is engineered to provide outstanding energy-saving advantages for home hot water production and heating. These pumps efficiently use the surrounding air to transfer heat to the water system, which lowers energy usage and saves a significant amount of money. Our air-to-water heat pumps provide economical and environmentally responsible heating options.

save cost

逗号Monoblock heat pump R32 Installation Wiring Diagram



  • CE(Conformité Européenne)


  • ErP(Energy-Related Products)

  • BAFA

  • MCS

  • SG Ready


Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz220~240V/1/50220~240V/1/50380~415/3/50220~240V/1/50380~415/3/50220~240/1/50380~415/3/50380~415/3/50
Nominal Heating (Max)      (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)Heating Capacity  kW2.50 ~ 8.304.20-12.204.20 ~ 12.205.30 ~ 16.505.30-16.606.20-20.506.20 ~ 20.506.50-26.10
 Input PowerA2.53 ~  8.523.82 ~ 12.771.46 ~ 4.895.10  ~  18.411.86 ~ 6.701.36 ~ 5.281.36 ~ 5.281.78 ~ 6.45
Current InputkW0.57 ~ 1.920.86 ~ 2.880.86 ~ 2.881.15 ~ 4.151.15 ~ 4.156.10 ~ 23.672.31 ~ 8.962.87 ~ 10.35
COPW/W4.32 ~ 5.864.23 ~ 5.394.23 ~ 5.393.97 ~ 5.433.97 ~ 5.433.88 ~ 5.213.88 ~ 5.214.04 ~ 5.43

Nominal Heating (Max)    (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)

Heating Capacity  kW2.30 ~ 7.623.85 ~ 11.203.85 ~ 11.204.90 ~ 15.104.90 ~ 15.106.30 ~ 19.906.30 ~ 19.906.90 ~ 26.10
 Input PowerkW0.75 ~ 2.611.13 ~ 3.751.13 ~ 3.751.65 ~ 5.251.65 ~ 5.251.65 ~ 6.821.65 ~ 6.821.95 ~ 8.55
Current InputA3.32 ~ 11.58
5.01 ~ 16.61.92 ~ 6.377.32 ~ 23.301.67 ~ 8.477.40 ~ 30.562.80 ~ 11.583.15 ~ 13.80
COPW/W2.92 ~ 3.332.99 ~ 3.462.99 ~ 3.462.87 ~ 3.382.87 ~ 3.382.91 ~ 3.342.91 ~ 3.343.05 ~ 3.42
Nominal Cooling  (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃)Cooling Capacity  kW1.80 ~ 7.102.60 ~ 10.302.60 ~ 10.304.50 ~ 13.504.50 ~ 13.505.50 ~ 17.505.50 ~ 17.505.20 ~ 21.30
Power InputkW0.61 ~ 2.430.91 ~ 3.650.91 ~ 3.651.45 ~ 4.85 1.45 ~ 4.851.65 ~ 6.251.65 ~ 6.251.95 ~ 8.20
Current InputA2.71 ~ 10.784.03 ~ 16.191.55 ~ 6.206.43 ~ 21.522.34 ~ 7.827.40 ~ 28.022.80 ~ 10.613.15 ~ 13.23

ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃)

ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 55℃)/A++
Rated Input PowerkW2.713.833.836.26.27.507.5010.0
Rated Input Current A12176.527.510.535.0313.017.0
Refrigerant Type / Charge / GWP.../kg
Rated water flowm³/h1.11.751.752.52R32/2.8/6753.20  3.20  4.12
Fan quantity/11111222
Fan motor type/DC inverter
Compressor/Panasonic / DC inverter / Rotary / EVI
Circulating pump/ Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class/IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distancedB(A)49525253
Max outlet water temperature60
Water piping connectionsinchG1G1G1G1-1/4G1-1/4G1-1/2G1-1/2G1-1/2
Pressure drop at rating water flowkPa
Operating temperature range (Heating mode)-25~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode)16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H )mm1100*445*8501100*445*8501100*445*8501100*480*850  1100*480*850  1110*445*14501110*445*14501110*445*1450
Packed Dimensions  ( L×D×H )mm1160*530*10101100*445*8501100*445*8501160*530*10101160*530*10101170*530*16101170*530*16101170*530*1610
UnPacked Weightkg102107107124124151151160
Packed Weightkg114119119136136168168177

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.                                                    


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