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150L/200L/250L R134a Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater—All in one C series

·Square and uniform design
·IPX4 class, ideal for outdoor application
·Axial ventilation design for higher efficiency
·Microchannel heat exchanger with excellent efficieny
·R134a / R290 optional
·WIFI smart control

Unparalleled energy efficiency in heat pump technology comes from the air

When compared to conventional electric storage water heaters, Solareast's renewable heat pump technology ensures up to 80% energy savings by converting heat from the air into energy for household hot water.


The heat pump is a device that transfers heat from a heat source at a lower temperature to a source at a higher temperature. This process is not automatic; instead, the machine must do "pump effort" to accomplish it. A heat pump functions similarly to a hydraulic pump, which defies natural principles to transport water from one level to another by using a set amount of mechanical energy.


The SOLAREAST air source heat pump water heater ensures energy and cost savings with a very fast payback period when compared to the capabilities of an electric water heater with a comparable capacity. The definition of efficiency is reduced consumption.

Due to the rising cost of energy, efficiency will become more and more crucial when selecting a water heater; in this situation, a SOLAREAST air source heat pump would be the most cost-effective option.

Heat Exchanger with Dual Protection

The heat exchanger's extremely effective construction securely transfers thermal energy from the refrigerant to the hot water that has been stored.


Heat pumps are the finest illustration of technology that is in perfect harmony with the environment since they immediately capture the free and ecological heat from the air.

The benefits of a heat pump water heater SOLAREAST include not just environmental benefits but also reduced installation and purchase costs as compared to solar thermal. Because of these factors, SOLAREAST is now a particularly "futureproof" investment. However, our adaptable technology also offers the potential to incorporate air source thermal into the most cutting-edge heat pump system, the SOLAREAST all-in-one heat pump water heater. Can you think of anything more useful, handy, and environmentally friendly?

The electric storage water heater line was created to offer the most savings and comfort possible

The new smart heat pump combines electricity and renewable heat pump energy to suit the habits of the user, saving up to 50% energy compared to the most energy efficient standard electric water heater in a conventional heat pump.

Power Supply220~240V/1/50Hz
Heating Capacity at Air 20℃/15℃, Water Temperature from 15℃ to 55℃

Rated Heating Capacity(kW)
Rated Input Power(kW)0.570.570.57
Max Current(A)151515
Tank Capacity(L)150200250
Outer Casing / ShapeFull colour painted casing / Square
Expansion ValveElectronic
Air Flow(m3/h)450
Air DischargeHorizontal
Air Duct DiameterNon-ducted
Back-up Heater(kW)2
Default Water Temperature(℃)55
Working Temperature Range (℃)-7-43
Unpacked Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)500*500*1670600*600*1600600*600*1830
Packed Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)640*640*1840700*700*1770700*700*2050
Net Weight(kg)92118136
Gross Weight(kg)110137155


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