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What Kind of Maintenance Does an Air Source Heat Pump Require?

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Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are gaining popularity for their efficiency and eco-friendly performance. But to keep your ASHP running smoothly and extend its life expectancy, it's vital to stay on top of regular maintenance. So, what sort of maintenance does an air source heat pump require? This blog will delve into both DIY and professional maintenance tasks.

DIY Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit: Your outdoor unit (the heat pump) should be kept free from obstruction. Clear any leaves, snow, grass, or other debris that can compromise its operation.Make sure there's at least 2 feet of clearance around the unit.

  2. Checking and Cleaning Filters: The air filters should be checked and cleaned regularly. If they become too dirty, they should be replaced. Depending on use and indoor air quality, this may need to be done monthly.

Professional Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance Tasks:

While there are tasks you can manage yourself, some aspects of maintenance should be handled by a professional. They include:

  1. Checking the Amount of Refrigerant: Just like an air conditioner, an air source heat pump operates using refrigerant. An HVAC professional should check the amount of refrigerant yearly.

  2. Inspecting Electrical Connections: Over time, connections can loosen. A professional can check and tighten these to prevent potential hazards.

  3. Cleaning and Inspecting Coils: The heat pump's coils should be cleaned of any dirt or debris to ensure they operate efficiently. Further, a professional should inspect them for any damage.

  4. Checking the Thermostat: Professionals will also check the thermostat to ensure it's communicating properly with the heat pump.

  5. Coil CleaningHeat exchanger coils are essential components of your heat pump. Over time, they can accumulate dirt, reducing heat transfer efficiency. Have these coils inspected and cleaned as part of regular maintenance to ensure they operate at peak performance.

Recommended Frequency for Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

Ideally, your air source heat pump should be serviced professionally at least once a year — preferably before the heating season begins. Regular routine maintenance you carry out yourself, like filter cleaning, should be done depending on your usage and the manufacturer's instructions.


Regular maintenance is key for the efficiency and longevity of your air source heat pump. Some simple tasks can be performed yourself, but some should be left to the professionals for the sake of safety and thorough inspection. Remember, well-maintained equipment not only lasts longer but also operates at its best, providing you with comfortable, energy-efficient heating and cooling.

By investing in regular maintenance and following these guidelines, you can keep your air source heat pump running optimally. This not only reduces energy consumption and saves you money but also ensures year-round comfort in your home. Maintenance is not just a necessity; it's a smart and responsible approach to protect your investment and benefit the environment through efficient energy use

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