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Understanding Air Source Heat Pump Warranties: Your Guide to a Confident Purchase

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Investing in an air source heat pump can be a significant decision, providing not only efficient heating and cooling for your home but also reducing your carbon footprint. An essential aspect of this investment is the warranty that accompanies your air source heat pump. Knowing what type of warranty is offered will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected should anything go wrong.

Let's dive in and unpack the typical warranty elements associated with air source heat pumps.

What Is Included in a Warranty?

A warranty is an agreement between the buyer (you) and the manufacturer. It lays out the terms and conditions under which the manufacturer will carry out any required repairs or replacements on your heat pump should it falter within the warranty period.

1. Parts Warranty

Most air source heat pump warranties include a parts warranty. This covers the cost of replacement parts needed for any manufacturer-caused problems. The duration of parts warranties often ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer and the specific model.

2. Compressor Warranty

Considering it's one of the heat pump's most vital components, the compressor often has its own separate warranty which may extend beyond the general parts warranty. A longer compressor warranty demonstrates a brand's confidence in its product's longevity.

3. Labor Warranty

24 months labor warranty:
Labor warranties cover the charges you would incur from hiring a professional to repair or replace the parts. While some manufacturers include this as part of their warranty package, others may not. Make sure to inquire about this beforehand as labor costs can be substantial.

Extended Warranties

Some manufacturers or sellers offer extended warranties at an additional cost. These extended warranties stretch out the coverage period allowing for longer protection, which may be appealing for individuals looking for extra peace of mind.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reviewing the Warranty

1. Warranty Activation:

Most heat pump warranties require the unit to be registered with the manufacturer within a specific period after installation. Remember to register your device to activate your warranty.

2. Proper installation:

Ensure that your heat pump is installed by a professional. Improper installation could potentially void your warranty.

3. Regular Maintenance:

Warranties typically require the owner to maintain the unit properly, involving regular servicing by a certified professional. Keep records of all maintenance operations to prove the unit has been adequately cared for.

4. Read the Fine Print:

Reading through your warranty's terms and conditions will help you understand what is and isn't covered. Warranties can be laden with exclusions, clauses, and limitations. Having a clear comprehension of these areas ensures you're truly protected.


Deciding on an air source heat pump involves several considerations, not least the warranty offered with it. This guide offers a starting place to understand the types of warranties typically associated with these systems.

Remember, a warranty is as much a part of your investment as the unit itself. Be sure to ask about and understand the warranties that come with any air source heat pump you're considering. Make your purchase decision confidently, knowing what backing you have from your manufacturer.

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