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Do The Noise Levels of Air Source Heat Pumps Cause Disruptions for Homeowners or Neighbors?

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In recent years, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) have grown in popularity as efficient heating and cooling systems. However, some potential buyers are rightfully concerned about the noise these systems might make, wondering: do they create noise disruptions for homeowners or neighbors? In this post, we will address all the noise-related considerations tied to using air source heat pumps.

How Much Noise Do ASHPs Make?

ASHPs do produce noise, predominantly from the unit's compressor and fan. However, modern ASHP units feature innovative design elements and technologies that minimize this operational noise. To put it in perspective, an average ASHP produces a sound level around 40-60 decibels (dB) at a distance of 3 meters. This is comparable to the sound level of a domestic refrigerator or a calm conversation.

Factors Affecting ASHP Noise Levels

Several factors can influence the noise an ASHP produces:

1. Quality and Model of the ASHP

High-quality ASHPs with cutting-edge technology tend to be quieter. Therefore, investing in a reputable, high-quality unit often results in less noise.

2. Placement of the ASHP

The location of the ASHP can significantly affect noise perception. Proper installation away from echoing surfaces and bedrooms can reduce perceived noise levels.

3. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of an ASHP ensures that the system doesn't produce excess noise due to malfunction or aging parts.

Do ASHPs Cause Noise Disruptions?

While ASHPs do make some noise, the overall disruption of this noise is typically minimal and can be managed with careful installation and maintenance:

1. For Homeowners

Inside the home, homeowners are unlikely to notice the noise, especially with the unit located outdoors.

2. For Neighbors

ASHP noise can potentially be more noticeable to neighbors, particularly in duplexes or tightly spaced residences. However, given the relatively low noise output, appropriate installation and respectful use should prevent any significant noise nuisance.

Mitigating Noise from ASHPs

Here are some strategies to mitigate potential noise issues of air source heat pumps:

  • Consider      Acoustic Barriers: These can      help absorb the sound and are especially useful when installations are      closer to neighboring residences.

  • Choose a      Suitable Location: Install your      ASHP at a distance from your neighbor's property and away from bedrooms      and living spaces.

  • Invest in      High-Quality Models: More      efficient models with noise reduction technologies may be quieter.

  • Adhere to      Regular Maintenance: Regular      service prevents noise issues related to wear and tear.


Air source heat pumps do produce some noise, but with careful selection, appropriate installation, and regular maintenance, any noise disruptions can be kept to a minimum. It's always beneficial to consult with a reliable HVAC professional to choose the right model and installation location. As technology continues to advance, heat pumps are likely to become even quieter, making this an issue of diminishing concern for homeowners and neighbors alike.

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