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5KW R290 Swimming Pool Water Heater Inverter Spark Heat Pump - BYC Series

· Fully Inverter with R290 refrigerant
· Battery detection function
·SG-READY function
· 5-inch TFT color screen
· Graffiti 5G/2.4G compatible WIFI module
· Reserved RS485 communication port (for third-party platform monitoring)
· Linkage control (photovoltaic function)
· DTU function (remote data transmission)
·OTA function (remote firmware program upgrade)
· IoT function


Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient R290 swimming pool heat pump system

逗号Fully Inverter With R290 Refrigerant

Solareast's BYC series  swimming pool heat pump feature a fully Inverter with R290 refrigerant as a key characteristic. This technology allows for precise and variable speed control, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and performance. BYC series  swimming pool heat pump used R290 refrigerant further enhances environmental friendliness.


逗号SG-READY Function

Solareast  BYC series swimming pool heat pump  with SG-READY function, enabling seamless integration with the smart grid for enhanced energy efficiency and control. With SG-READY, users can optimize their pool's energy consumption based on external signals, resulting in reduced costs and a more sustainable operation. Upgrade your pool experience with Solareast's BYC series and enjoy the benefits of SG-READY function,for explam,the most important thing is to save money.


逗号5-inch TFT Color Screen

The BYC series  swimming pool heat pump by Solareast is equipped with a 5-inch TFT color screen, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring. This vibrant display allows users to conveniently access and control various settings and parameters, ensuring a seamless pool experience.


逗号Battery Detection Function

Solareast's BYC swimming pool heat pump is with a battery detection function as a key characteristic. This function is designed to detect and monitor the battery status of the heat pump, ensuring efficient operation and optimal performance.  Battery detection function continuously checks the battery's voltage and charge level, providing users with real-time information. By monitoring the battery status, users can ensure that the heat pump operates reliably and efficiently. With this function, BYC swimming pool heat pump is enhanced the overall lifespan and performance, providing peace of mind and convenience for homeowners looking to heat and maintain their swimming pools.

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逗号 Graffiti 5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module

Solareast's BYC series swimming pool heat pump equipped with the Graffiti 5G/2.4G Compatible WIFI Module offer the following advantages: enhanced connectivity, faster speeds, extended coverage range, and increased device compatibility. Users can easily connect and control their pool heat pump using smart devices, simplifying management and improving efficiency and comfort.


逗号 Reserved RS485 Communication Port (For third-party platform monitoring)

BYC series swimming pool heat pump from Solareast come with a reserved RS485 communication port. This feature enables seamless integration with external control systems, allowing for easy monitoring and control of the heat pump. Users can conveniently connect the heat pump to their home automation system or other compatible devices using the RS485 port, enhancing the overall functionality and customization options of the pool heat pump system.


逗号Linkage Control (Photovoltaic function)

This innovative feature allows the heat pump to be connected to a solar photovoltaic system, enabling it to utilize solar energy for heating the pool. The heat pump intelligently adjusts its operation based on the availability of solar power, maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings. With the Linkage Control (photovoltaic function), users can enjoy a greener and more sustainable pool heating solution, reducing their carbon footprint and operating costs while still maintaining optimal pool temperature and comfort.


逗号DTU Function (Remote data transmission)

This functionality enables remote monitoring and control of the heat pump via a cellular network. Users can conveniently access and manage the heat pump's settings and operation using a mobile app or web interface. The DTU function greatly enhances convenience, allowing users to monitor and adjust their pool heat pump system even when they are not physically present, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

逗号OTA Function (Remote firmware program upgrade)

This feature allows for remote firmware updates and upgrades wirelessly. Users can conveniently update the heat pump's software and firmware, ensuring that it is always up to date with the latest performance enhancements and features. The OTA function eliminates the need for manual updates, saving time and effort for users. This ensures that the heat pump operates at its optimal efficiency and functionality, providing a seamless and hassle-free pool heating experience.


逗号 IoT Function

Using their smartphones or other smart devices, users can connect to and operate the heat pump remotely thanks to this feature. Users can effortlessly monitor and modify the heat pump's parameters, including temperature and operation modes, from any location at any time by connecting to the internet. This makes controlling the pool heat pump system more convenient and flexible. Users can enjoy a more automated and integrated pool heating experience by integrating the IoT functionality with other smart home devices.


Power Supply
At Air 15℃, Humidity 70%,Water 26℃in,28℃out
Heating capacitykW5.60-2.10
Heating Power InputkW1.15-0.29
At Air 26℃, Humidity 80%,Water 26℃in,Water Flow Volume 2.36 m³/h
Heating capacitykW7.30-2.75
Heating Power InputkW1.10-0.26
At Air 35℃, Water 27℃in,Water Flow Volume 2.36 m³/h
Heating capacitykW4.30-2.40
Heating Power InputkW0.85-0.35
Noise dB(A)50
Power Input Max.kW1.30
Current Input Max.A5.90
Heating Ambient Temperature -15~45
Cooling Ambient Temperature -15~45
Heating Water side operating temperature8~40
Cooling Water side operating temperature28~8
Refrigerant Type/Charge/GWP
R290 /0.33 / 3
CO₂ Equivalent
Operation Pressure(Low Side)MPa1.1
Operation Pressure(High Side)MPa2.8
Maximum Allowable PressureMPa2.8
Electrical Shockproof
IP Class
Water Piping ConnectionsMM50
Water Pressure Drop MPa30
Water Pressure MaxMPa0.5
Water Flow Ratedm³/h2.36
Air flow Ratedm³/h2000
Unit Dimensions (W/H/D)mm914*634*384
Shipping Dimensions (W/H/D)mm973*785*455
Net Weightkg54

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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