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Hydraulic Module Without Water Tank - HU Series

·Wi-Fi & Modbus interface as standard

· Inverter technology

· User-friendly functions

· High efficiency

· A+++ energy class

· Wide operating range

without tank

Hydraulic Module - a good partner for R32 or R290 heating and cooling heat pump

逗号Hydraulic Module Without Water Tank

Internal hydraulic module with circulation pump and  heat exchanger connected to the outdoor unit via  refrigerant pipes. A flexible solution is suitable for the  implementation of tailor-made systems.

without tank

逗号User-friendly Control

All menus are accessible through the color LED screen. We've organized the functions and settings on one page for simplicity.


逗号 Wi-fi Control

All models come standard with Wi-Fi capability, allowing for remote monitoring and adjustment of the pump's functionality with ease.


逗号Energy Savings

Solareast DC Inverter heat pumps offer big energy savings for both heating and creating hot water due to their high SCOP levels. When compared to regular heating systems like a boiler, the amount of energy used over a single winter could cost 30% to 50% less.

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逗号Reduced Space Requirments

Every part is built into the internal module. Solareast HYDRAULIC MODULE is a great space-saver for home use because it comes with a built-in hot water tank. Unlike usual separate installs, this all-in-one pack includes pre-set-up hydronic parts and hot water parts. This makes setup faster and frees up your living space. The Solareast HYDRAULIC MODULE is simple to run and really dependable and efficient.


逗号 Ultra Quiet Operating Mode

By adjusting the power of the compressor and fan, we can reduce the noise at night or other times when it needs to be extra quiet, which can cut down the noise by half. This gives you the most comfort, with the least usage and quietest performance.


逗号Exclusive Design To Work In The Most Extreme Condition

This equipment can function in a broad range of outdoor temperatures: even in extreme conditions from -25°C to 45°C.


逗号Proven Quality

Solareast heat pumps can be integrated into the smart energy grids of the future to help provide the low-cost heating systems required to meet carbon reduction targets.

All heat pumps and water heaters in the European market are continuously tested by various certification schemes. These are usually the basis for qualifying for state subsidies. Solareast heat pumps meet the high standards of the following quality accreditation schemes: MCS,Keymark,CE(Conformité Européenne),ErP(Energy-Related Products),BAFA,SG Ready and so on.


 逗号Efficient IoT Solution

Solareast's IoT customer management platform can effectively save labor costs for dealers. It can be connected with WIFI or DUT to realize remote monitoring of data record all the operating parameters of the units and synchronize it to the management background of dealers and manufacturers. If the heat pump has an error report, the dealer can quickly provide users with the best solutions according to this report.


Power Supply220-240/1/50
Auxiliary heater powerkW39
Power Input Max.kW3.53.5
Current Input Max.A15.616.2
Electrical Shockproof/I
IP Class/IPX1
Water Piping ConnectionsInG1
Water Pressure Drop  kPa10
Water Pressure Min/MaxMpa0.1/0.3
Sound Pressure leveldB(A)35
Unit Dimensions (W/H/D)mm420×670×260
Shipping Dimensions (W/H/D)mm480×720×310
Net Weightkg29
Gross Weightkg33

*Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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