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50KW/100KW/200KW/400KW R410a Defrost Automatically Commercial Heat Pump - DLN Series

· R410A refrigerant, environmental friendly
· Higher water temperature output up to 55 ºC
· Adopt EVI technology, work dowm at -25 ºC
·  High pressure protection
· Defrost automatically
· With MODBUS communication
· Adapt intelligent controller, full automatically operation
· Through different installation, the system can be used for cooling or heating

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Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a reliable and efficient commercial heating and cooling heat pump system.

逗号R410A Refrigerant,environmental friendly

Solareast's TA series Commercial Heating and Cooling Heat Pump, utilizing R410a refrigerant, offers multiple advantages. R410a is environmentally friendly, with no ozone depletion potential, less its impact. It provides enhanced thermodynamic properties, resulting in higher energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. The refrigerant's excellent heat transfer capabilities enable optimal heating and cooling performance. Its ability to operate at higher pressures allows for compact system designs.

Additionally, R410a enhances the durability and reliability of the heat pump system, ensuring long-term performance. With Solareast's TA series  commercial heat pump used R410a refrigerant, customers can access efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for their business building heating and cooling  requirements.


逗号Higher Water Temperature Output Up To 55 ºC

Solareast's TA series Commercial Heating and Cooling Heat Pump can deliver hot water at a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. This warm water temperature is ideal for commercial spaces such as hotels, hospitals, and factories, among others. The heat pump system offers highly efficient and reliable heating and cooling solutions, ensuring a comfortable environment throughout the year. With this maximum water temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, customers can enjoy a consistent and comfortable supply of warm water for varied applications. Solareast's TA series provides an ideal solution for commercial settings that require cost-effective, reliable, and efficient heating and cooling solutions.

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逗号Adopt EVI Technology,the operation ambient temperature can reach at -25 ºC

Solareast's TA series of commercial heating and cooling heat pumps utilize advanced EVI  technology. This technology enables the heat pump to operate even in extreme outdoor temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. The EVI technology enhances the system's efficiency and performance, ensuring reliable and consistent heating and cooling throughout the year. By using EVI technology, the heat pump system can generate high-temperature output even in cold winter conditions, providing an ideal solution for commercial and industrial buildings. This cutting-edge technology helps to ensure customers can achieve energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions year-round.


逗号 High Pressure Protection

Solareast's TA series of commercial heating and cooling heat pumps feature high-pressure protection as a key characteristic. This built-in safety measure ensures the system operates within safe pressure limits, preventing any potential damages or malfunctions due to excessive pressure levels. The high-pressure protection feature safeguards the longevity and reliability of the heat pump, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted operation. This proactive measure mitigates the risk of system breakdowns and ensures optimal performance and durability. With Solareast's TA series, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their heat pump system is equipped with advanced high-pressure protection, ensuring safe and efficient operation in various commercial applications.

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逗号Defrost Automatically

Solareast's TA series of commercial heating and cooling heat pumps feature an automatic defrost function as a key characteristic. This function detects and removes any frost or ice buildup on the outdoor heat exchanger during cold weather conditions. By automatically initiating a defrost cycle, the system ensures efficient heat transfer and maintains optimal performance even in freezing temperatures. The automatic defrost feature eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving time and effort for users. With this function, Solareast's TA series provides reliable and hassle-free operation, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent heating and cooling performance in commercial settings.

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逗号 With MODBUS Communication

The heat pump system can be integrated with a commercial building management system thanks to the MODBUS adapter. Consequently, a variety of operating parameters, such as operating modes, flow, and room temperature, can be gathered and monitored. The output of the air-to-water heat pump can be instantly adjusted in accordance with the ongoing heat demand while taking the building specifications into consideration.


Power supplyV/Ph/Hz380-415/3/50
Heating Capacity at Air 7℃/6℃, Water 30℃ in, 35℃ out
Heating CapacitykW4590180350
Power InputkW10.320.84281.4
4.36  4.32  4.25  4.30  
Heating Capacity at Air 7℃/6℃, Water 50℃ in, 55℃ out
Heating CapacitykW3667167328
Power InputkW15.525.4856.7113.9
2.322.63  2.95  2.88  
Heating Capacity at Air -12℃/-14℃, Water 50℃ in, 55℃ out
Heating CapacitykW2440107205
Power InputkW15.42554104.6
Cooling Capacity at Air 35℃/24℃, Water 12℃ in, 7℃ out
Cooling CapacitykW3060140269
Power InputkW11.922.943.887.9
2.53  2.623.193.05
Max Power InputkW16.836.570.1145.0
Max CurrentA31.563.3132.5260.0
Compressor quantity
Expansion ValvemmSaginomiya/EEVSaginomiya/EEVDanfoss/EEVDanfoss/EEV
Air Flow Direction
Water Flow Volumem³/h8163260
Water Pressure DropkPa50504850
Working temperature range-25~48
IP class
Net Weightkg45080013302186
Water connection  mmDN 40DN 80Flange DN 80Flange DN 100

* Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.


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